please click this link below and thoroughly read the Point muay thai rules and sanctioning information so you have an understanding prior to contacting us

IKF point muay thai rules

Sanctioning information


Promoters in california requirements

IKF REPRESENTATIVE will ensure the following for a successful event

new staff members will need to fill out judge registration form and medical personnel 7 days prior to event

(IKF REPRESENTATIVE will hire staff for event if promoter does not have staff)

timers that show the time and round will be used

(ikf REPRESENTATIVE can provide timer)

referees will need prior training and need an official shirt to be in the mat area

(ikf REPRESENTATIVE can REFEREE for an additional fee)

Promoters will need to provide awards for bout winners

(ikf REPRESENTATIVE can sell medals to promoter)

all staff will be paid for THEIR work from promoter

(seeking free labor from gym members is not RECOMMENDED)