Saenchai Seminar California

Saenchai Seminar California



Saenchai will be visiting the United States in September to host a series of seminars. He will not be traveling alone. Also scheduled is Spencer Brown, Manachai, Yodchai, and Kru Petchdam.

The date is set for September 17th at 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM at Free Flow Academy located in Rocklin, California. Come out and enjoy this exclusive opportunity to train with the living legend of Muay Thai. Saenchai is a figure in the sport that really needs little introduction. He is well loved by fans all over the world and well respected by all Muay Thai fighters alike. When the question of who is the best fighter in Muay Thai is posted, the answer is always “Saenchai”.

Saenchai’s fighting style is in a class of its own with footwork, agility, and the fanciest of moves that is unsurpassed in the history of Muay Thai. At the event, participants will learn -hands-on- different Muay Thai techniques and the arsenal of unique moves from the legend himself. That’s not all. Anyone who wishes to fulfill the dream of sparring with Saenchai and getting cartwheel-kicked by him will also get the chance to do so. At the end of the seminar, all participants will get the opportunity to get autographs and take pictures with the living legend himself!

No need to travel to Thailand to train with the legend. This seminar with Saenchai will be right here at home! Limited slots are available. Blink and you might miss it!

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: ONLY $130 for the first 45 registered. For more information, please call 442-262-7920. There will be LIMITED SPOTS!!!!

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